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The Hotel La Terraza is located in the town of Quimbaya, Quindio, in the heart of the Coffe cultural Landscape, its name comes from the tribe that lived in this region in pre-Columbian times, who were outstanding in the industry and techniques used in high gold work and pottery. The HOTEL LA TERRAZA was borned from our dream of living our golden years in the village where I was born and to deliver our best to our  community. This land belonged to my grandfather in the 50's and was used as a manger for horses of the farmers who came to town to do their shopping, This place was a meeting point for people who lived in the countryside and from there began their tour of the village, which at that time was characterized by agricultural production, especially coffee, bananas, corn, among others.

The idea of ​​building a hotel was born from our desire to benefit from the experience of working with   AMERICAN AIRLINES and  PAN AM WORLD WAYS which gave us the opportunity to see many places and of course many hotels around the world. We open our doors on  November 5, 2007, and gradually our clients have entrusted to refer us  as a choice of  very warm and comfortable.accommodation.

We care about providing our best human resources with the intention and desire to give quality services, we constantly train and deliver the best information to tourists, with respect to tourist sites, environmental, ecological and regional parks, extreme sports and various places of interest. We are therefore committed to the implementation of this standard, in order to become a recognized and  certified Colombian Environmental Label establishment, which will allow us to be competitive,  environmentally sustainable, responsive to the needs of the domestic orologi repliche and international Traveler, all with the help and contribution of the proposed COFFE ROUTE.

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Sustainable tourism Colombian Environmental Seal For the La Terraza Hotel, is a commitment to provide services that meet our clients requirements, laws and industry standards; friendly and sustainable in economic, social, cultural and environmental conditions, thus motivating visitors, staff and suppliers to respect and protect the environment.

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Triple Room. Events/Conferences Room. Room with Coffee Cultural landscape view  and little dinning room. Triple Room- Apartment. Mural Cafe. Triple Room- Apartment.